A/V Products

Our selection of precision crafted audio/video components is the heart of AudioART’s systems and designs, representing years of knowledge and experience and some of the best ears in the business. Chosen for their performance, reliability, and beauty, AudioART’s electronics allow for a range of budgets and applications, from single-room, to whole-house, to commercials projects, with personalized customer education and ongoing technical support.


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ADS Sat 5 $250pr
ADS Sat 5 $250pr
B & W DM600 Center Channel $150
B & W DM600 Center Channel $150
Bryston 4B-ST Amplifier $1000
Byston 4B-ST Amplifier $1000
Kef Model 100 Center Channel $200
Kef Model 100 Center Channel $200
Marantz MA700U $300
Marantz MA700U $300
Rotel RMB-1075 Amplifier $400
Rotel RMB-1075 Amplifier $400

Acoustical Systems is about solutions in the audio world and not just about building another competitor product. The business has been running since 1998 and in the early years was about designing and building unique set-ups that were custom made for the true connaisseurs of the audio art.

The Archon Cartridge

For more than two decades, Anthem® has manufactured award-winning high-end audio/video equipment for music, home theater and distributed audio. Our products are used at all levels of music reproduction and sold internationally.

Anthem products allow you to virtually 'be there' every time you listen to a favorite piece of recorded music or experience the excitement of surround-sound home theater. Around the world, Anthem is consistently the brand of choice for leaders in the field of music and entertainment.

A/V Receiver MRX1120
A/V Receiver MRX520
A/V Receiver MRX720
AVM 60 A/V Pre-Amplifier/Processor

At Audeze we remove the boundaries between artist and listener. Our products combine revolutionary acoustic engineering and beautiful craftsmanship to provide the finest listening experience. Our headphones’ best-in-class accuracy makes them an irreplaceable tool for those requiring the most transparent audio reproduction available.

Deckard Headphone Amplifier
EL-8 Closed Back Headphones
EL-8 Titanium
LCD-2 Headphones
LCD-3 Headphones
LCD-4 Headphones
LCD-XC Closed Back Headphones

The Blue Aura philosophy is simple; to produce stylish, high-quality audio products that the new generation of music listeners can easily fit into their everyday lives. We pride ourselves on being able to provide products offering great performance, aligned with exceptional build quality, whilst incorporating latest technological developments in electronics and manufacturing.

v40 Blackline


"Are you familiar with the term “High Fidelity”? No, we are not talking about Nick Hornby's novel, the cult-classic film adaptation or the movie soundtrack (although all three are highly recommended). We are strictly referencing the ideal of perfect music playback, in essence making it indistinguishable from the original. For Brinkmann, “High Fidelity” stands as the ultimate pinnacle of achievable sound reproduction. Simply put, there is nothing better than “High Fidelity”: after all, a facsimile can never sound better than the original."

Bardo Turntable

ART FOR THE EAR. It means that by listening to music in your own home you will experience enjoyment of the art to its fullest measure. Each Burmester component has been developed with one goal in mind: to offer the highest sound quality and absolute musical fidelity. As a result they are capable of eliciting emotions like live concerts can – in your own living room.

077 Preamplifier
101 Integrated Amplifier
111 Musiccenter
961 MK3 Loudspeaker
B10 Loudspeaker
B18 Loudspeaker
B80 MK2 Loudspeaker
BA31 Loudspeaker
BA71 Loudspeakers
CXA60 60W Integrated Amp
CXN (V2) Network Streamer
Edge A Intergrated Amp
Edge NQ Networking Streaming
Edge W Power Amp

Multi-award-winning British made high-performance DAC's amplifiers and more. Precision designed for HiFi enthusiasts & professionals since 1989.

Landscape Lighting
Outdoor Sound

Dave Shore

The Bulge

Dynaudio is the leading producer of hand-crafted high-end loudspeakers created by impassioned music lovers for your living room, the professional studio and for your car.

Sound is our number one priority
We have no needs for superfluous design or trendy symbols to beautify our speakers. Our mission is to create the best sound possible. This means to reproduce music and sound as close as possible to the natural experience.

We always strive to be authentic
We want the sound of our loudspeakers to be as effortless and natural as the musical instrument would be playing in your room.

Emit M10
Evidence Temptation
Evoke 50
Excite X28C Center
Focus 200 XD
Focus 400 XD
Special 40
Xeo 2

Omega 100 RIAA BT

A leading manufacturer in the printer, professional imaging, projector, scanner, system devices, and factory automation categories.

Epson Powerlite Pro Cinema 6040UB

Primarily a design-oriented manufacturer, Fortress has been providing seating for executives and board rooms for over 75 years. In the late 1990’s Fortress first manufactured theater seating for personal home theaters. With theater seating, design is important. But equally important is the comfort.


Grado Labs is a Brooklyn based company that hand makes headphones and cartridges. Family run since 1953, Grado has seen three generations: Joseph, John, and Jonathan Grado. As Ars Technica says, “…on a quiet street in south Brooklyn is a manufacturing operation that produces some of the most renowned headphones… it's just the Grados in their narrow townhouse making the little-known, well-loved line of headphones.”

GS1000i Headphones
Prestige Cartridges
PS1000e Headphones
SR325 Headphones
Statement Cartridges

EVO3 Aquarius
EVO3 Initium
EVO3 Polaris

4K Movie Servers and Players

Krell Industries, founded in 1980, is the premier manufacturer of high-end audio equipment, featuring award winning amplifiers, preamplifiers, CD & DVD players, surround sound processors, digital-to-analog converters, and loudspeakers for music lovers and home theater aficionados

575 Solo Monoblock Amplifier
Illusion 2 Preamplifier
K300i Integrated Amplifier
Vanguard Dac/ Streamer/ Preamp

Handcrafted audio, built in the USA.

Our passion for perfection is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. At Leon, building a custom speaker isn’t just a matter of process; it’s a point of pride.

Each of our speakers is handcrafted and custom-tailored to meet any design specification, offering a level of design flexibility unparalleled in the industry.

Aaros Series Subwoofer Speakers
Art Lifts
Axis Series In-Ceiling Speakers
Boundary Outdoor Speakers
Detail Series Speakers
Edge Media Frame
Horizon Soundbar Speaker
Moving Art Screens
Profile On-Wall or Sidemount Speakers
Sound Sculpture
Timbre Series Bookshelf Speakers
Vault Series In-Wall Speakers

Meridian has been designing and creating state-of-the-art audio and video home entertainment systems for over 35 years. Meridian products not only sound unique; they look unique. Great industrial design is as much at the heart of the products as the electronics or the principles behind it. The design is not only there to look good: it also contributes significantly to the smoothness and sweetness of the sound.

DSP320 Ceiling/In-Wall Loudspeaker
218 Zone Controller
251 Powered Zone Controller
808v6 CD & Audio Controller
818v3 Audio Controller
861v8 Surround Controller
DSP5200SE Speaker
DSP7200SE Center Channel Digital Active Loudspeaker
DSP7200SE Speaker
DSP8000SE Speaker
G55 Power Amplifier
G65 Surround Controller
Media Source 200

Pakedge is an industry leading manufacturer of high performance end-to-end networking platforms for residential and commercial AV applications. Pakedge is recognized by industry peers and winner of the prestigious CEPro Brand Leader award for Networking in 2013 and 2014 and specializes in integrating high performance engineering innovations, operational simplicity, and systems engineering to develop technology that enables customers to unleash the power of their network.

RK Series Routers
WA2200 Wireless Access Point
WK-1 Wireless Access Point
WX-1 Wireless Access Point

For more than 30 years Paradigm has set the standard for sonic excellence in every product category we offer. Our focus on providing the best in performance and value continually pushes the boundaries in speaker design. Stunning accuracy, a spacious soundstage with pinpoint localization, powerful, well-defined bass and thrilling dynamics are hallmarks of Paradigm's advanced speaker designs.

Millenia 30 Surround
Millenia Sub
Monitor SE Series
Persona Series
Premier Series
Prestige Series
Sub 2

Truly Unique Tube Amplifiers

Since 2003, PrimaLuna has created tube amplifiers with a unique construction found nowhere else. Our technologies bring you closer to the music at a price you won't believe. Nothing else comes close.

Evo Series
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Playlist Page
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Chicago 245- Black Oak
Chicago Sony Short Throw Credenza
Custom Kolman Artisan Glass Miami Cabinet
Denver 345- Medium Walnut

In 2002, Sonos set out with a goal – to reinvent home audio for the digital age. Our vision was simple – fill every home with music and make listening a valued experience again – and to appreciate it all with the highest sound quality.

Play 1 Speaker
Play 5 Speaker
Sonos Amp
Sub Woofer Speaker

Enhanced pictures. Beautiful design. Innovative control. Revolutionize every aspect of your viewing experience with our new BRAVIA 4K TVs and home theater components.

Sony STR-ZA1100ES
Sony STR-ZA2100ES
Sony STR-ZA3100ES
Sony STR-ZA810ES
Sony UBP-X1100ES Blu-ray
SONY UBP-X700 4K Blu-ray
Sony VPL-VZ1000ES 4k Short-Throw Projector
Sony XBR-65A9G

Since 1883, Thorens is the oldest HiFi company in the world still in production today, producing some of the world's highest quality and most critically acclaimed automatic and semi-automatic turntables. The company is Swiss owned, and each turntable is made with precision and care in Germany.

Thorens has become a legend in the Turntable market, with their vintage models still widely sought after today. Today, Thorens continues to replicate that quality with the idea that every turntable produced will last decades and be sought after by the Audiophile community for decades to come.

MM 002 Phono Preamplifier
MM 008 ADC Preamplifier
TD 158 Turntable
TD 203 Turntable
TD 2035 Turntable
TD 309 Turntable

Tributaries® Cable is a privately owned American company based in Orlando, Florida. They are suppliers to over six hundred of the U.S.A.'s best Audio Video retailers and custom installers - and also supply distributors all around the world. They have built their business and reputation over the past twenty years based simply on a commitment to quality, value, performance and service. 

Series 4/6/8