Updates and Events

     Gather your friends and fellow music lovers for a celebration of Tool’s newest album FEAR INOCULUM.

     Fans have the opportunity to rent their own personal listening space for the evening, and experience the music of Tool in high definition! In addition to FEAR INOCULUM, each guest can suggest their own favorites from Tool’s catalog of music and immerse themselves into a curated playlist streamed to all of our high performance systems.  

     All of the music will be sourced from Qobuz; an exciting new platform featuring ultra high resolution audio and the largest database of studio quality albums available from any streaming service.  This night is about discovering new dimensions in the songs you know, and gaining a fresh perspective on an album 13 years in the making!

     AudioArt will provide drinks and light refreshments.  Each attendee will receive a card providing a free month of high resolution streaming and an album download from Qobuz.  Don’t forget to keep your card, there is a 4 drink limit and we will be punching your cards…maybe… At the end of the night we will be giving away prizes, join our database and mailing list to be entered into the raffle!  Click the mail icon at the bottom of this page and send us your top three Tool songs [not on Fear Inoculum] for our curated playlist.  Call us if you have any questions or want to reserve a room, and check out our website for more information!


-Rooms will be secured on a first call first serve basis.  If we reach our limit for the event, we will hold another to ensure everyone can share the experience

-Reservation fees can be paid over the phone or in store

-Arrival time for the event is firmly between 6 and 6:15, we want to make sure all groups have time to get refreshments and settle in before our start time

-The smoking lamp is lit at 6:45, at 7pm FEAR INOCULUM will begin streaming

-At roughly 8:30, we will break so guests can stretch their legs, grab more refreshments and chat

-9pm The evening’s curated playlist will begin streaming

-10pm End of show, raffle, goodnight!

Room rentals:

Main Lobby:Meridian 808v8, Krell illusion preamp and 575XD monoblock amplifiers, Burmester BA71s, Paradigm Sub 2, Clarus cables.  System Value $155,000, seating for 6.  Room price $600


Meridian 800 series theater:Meridian 861v8 and DSP8000SE speakers. System value $105,000, seating for 5. Room price $500


Meridian G series theater:Meridian G65 and DSP7200SE speakers.  System value $52,000, seating for 3. Room price $300


Persona Room (2 systems):Paradigm Persona 3Fs and prestige 1000SW sub, Anthem MRX720. Dynaudio confidence 20s, Prima Luna Evo 400.  System values $15,000 and $21,000, cozy seating ideal for two couples.  Room price $400.


Evoke Room:Dynaudio Evoke 50s and Sub 3, Sony STRZA2100.  System value $8,800, seating for 4. Room price $200


Premier Room:Paradigm Premier 800Fs and millennia sub, Sony STR ZA1100. System Value $5,500, seating for 3. Room price $150.


Conference Room: Burmester B10s and 101 integrated amp.  System value $22,000, seating for 2. Room price $200.


Gallery (2 systems): Burmester 961s and Krell K300i.  Dynaudio Contour 30s and Sub 6, Cambridge Audio Edge A integrated amplifier.  System values $31,000 and $17,500, seating for 12.  $50 per seat or whole gallery for $500.


A few more things:


-No smoking or vaping is allowed inside

-This event is not BYOB, AudioArt will provide a selection of drinks

-Please do not adjust the volume on your system, we will preset volumes prior to the event and are happy to make some changes if you would like

-Socializing is encouraged, however we ask that talking is kept to a minimum during the listening sessions