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Back to Pavillon Vendome Park
Lily Pond in the Mountains II
Afternoon at the Rice Terraces
The Colors of Rochebaudin
Boats in Burano
Courtyard in Cassis
First Green of Spring
Hill and Meadows
Holiday Reflections
Houses Beyond the Lily Pond II
Into the Pond 2
Into the Pond 3
Into the Pond 4
Lily Pond in the Mountains
Morning at the Rice Terraces
My Mont Ste Victoire
No Water is Lonely Water 10
Picnic in Valparaiso
Ships Passing
Stone Urns by the Lily Pond
Stone Urns By the Lily Pond II
Studio View Towards the Marsh
The House Across the Pond
The House Beyond the Flowers
Vessel Doodles 1
Vessel Doodles 2
Vessels in Dreamtime 19
Vessels in Dreamtime 3
Vessels in Dreamtime 4
Walking in Burano
Yao Women in the Autumn Fields
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