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  1. Audio Technology Expertise

    AudioART is a must-visit destination for discerning music listeners. We carry only precision-crafted components from such high-quality manufacturers as Meridian, Anthem, Paradigm, Thorens, Leon Speakers, and Audeze. And we are the exclusive New England dealer for Burmester and T+A.

    But it’s not just about the products. AudioART provides full installation services and solutions. We specialize in making equipment blend discretely with your environment, and we balance, calibrate and test our systems to ensure that acoustics are optimum for the physical space. We have the knowledge, experience, and insight to tailor electronics to your needs, and our systems and installations consistently surpass expectations. Our goal is to enrich you.

  2. The Gallery Experience

    In addition to his seasoned career in the audio industry, Dave has established himself as a talented woodworker, crafting exquisite custom furniture and audio/video cabinetry. His passion for fine craftsmanship, paired with an intimate knowledge of audiovisual components, inspired Dave to create AudioART, the next wave of audio/video stores.

    The artfully designed sound rooms and galleries at AudioART integrate the finest in performance stereo with advanced media room solutions, that include custom designed cabinetry, furniture, fine art, lighting, window shadings, and accessories.

    By partnering with local artists, artisans, Phillips Design, and WTI window treatments, AudioART has set a new, high-end standard for audio retail stores.

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