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Alta Audio’s two-way Alec achieves imaging that is natural and sonically accurate in size, placement, and timbre, with the undeniable feel of live performance.

The new Alec was developed out of a company mission to design a floor standing speaker with a compact footprint (40.5”H x 15” W at bottom x 8.5” W at top x 12.5”D) that creates a natural—and neutral—listening experience that accurately conveys each performing artist’s sonic vision. Lifelike sonics and a natural soundstage immerse the listener in music, whether placed in a spacious home or an urban dweller’s apartment. The Alec achieves unparalleled sonic realism and spatial accuracy that far exceeds what may be expected from its already outstanding measurements.  

Alta Audio’s 5.75” neodymium magnet ribbon tweeter is responsible for the Alec’s natural and detailed high-frequency response. Likewise, the 8.75” woofer’s tuning parameters are coupled to the unique cabinet design, resulting in infrasonic (floor-moving) bass—and refined cohesion between the Alec’s pure aluminum ribbon tweeter and XTL* Bass (patent pending) woofer.


Representing over 30 years of designing and building audiophile-grade speakers, Alta Audio products consistently provide exceptional reproduction of live and in-studio recordings. Alta Audio loudspeakers are painstakingly refined to reproduce the realism, balance and dimensionality of both live and studio recordings, with a design aesthetic that enhances any room’s décor.

Alta Audio Founder and President, Michael Levy helped bring CD, DVD, HDTV and Surround Sound technologies to market. Alta Audio was born out of Mr. Levy’s regular meetings with close friends who happen to be among the most respected producers, DJs and journalists covering high-end audio. As a group, it was common to bemoan the lack of an audiophile-grade speaker that conveyed the sense of sitting 10th  row center in an acoustically sound concert hall, or dead center in an old school jazz club.

Mr. Levy committed himself to designing a speaker that replicates the performing artist’s vision. To do so, he and his friends spent countless nights at some of New York City’s finest performance spaces, enjoying music but also paying close attention to the voicing of live music. Afterwards, they compared notes that ultimately led to an intentionally limited series of loudspeakers that—when coupled with comparable electronics and well-recorded music—conveys the full sonic and emotional experience of a live performance.

Alec illustrates how small changes yield significant results. In our pursuit of life-like sound, we often find that the difference between good and astonishing sound exists in adjustments that are nearly undetectable in measurement, yet to the listener, result in dramatic improvements. 

Understanding this concept is fundamental to Alta’s approach, and is evident in Alec and every model we offer. Through countless hours of experimentation and listening, we found that the delicate fine tuning of crossover values which would normally be considered within tolerance, reveals the refined qualities of audiophile sound. These small changes can be the difference between merely listening to a pair of speakers and being transported to the time and space of a performance. They are the final component in achieving the waveform cohesion that defies the senses and produces inarguably lifelike sound.

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