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B18 Loudspeaker
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B18 Loudspeaker

The B18 loudspeaker has been developed as a 2½-way bass reflex speaker with a front-firing design and is a universal sound talent: space-saving, yet at the same time extremely musical and dynamically thrilling. The high-frequency reproduction benefits from the ring radiator which is custom-made for Burmester and guarantees optimum clarity and resolution. The low-mid and mid-low drivers are a derivative on the basis of the proven chassis which has already earned the B10 compact speaker an impressive sound performance. The highly complex frequency crossover sits in an isolated enclosure chamber, just like the low-mid driver whose own sealed compartment yields an outstandingly clean mid-frequency performance.


Since 1977 Burmester Audiosysteme has been manufacturing high-end audio components of unsurpassed quality. From the very beginning, the objective has been to create a perfect blend of highest-quality sound, technological innovation, and timeless design. Highly trained technicians assemble all Burmester components by hand in its Berlin factory. Because “Made in Germany” is a label that is taken very seriously by Burmester. Burmester’s research and development department constantly strive to not only keep up with the latest advances but to set its own trends and standards. From the first design sketch via a number of prototypes to the final product shipped from the Berlin factory: each component that bears the Burmester name has been developed in its entirety in-house. As an audio pioneer, Burmester has created a number of legendary components that have become icons of the high-end audio universe.

Burmester considers himself as a guardian and mediator of our musical heritage. The innovative technologies and the highest-quality parts used in the audio components ultimately serve only one purpose, namely, to give full access to the music. By listening to recordings of Elvis Presley, Herbert von Karajan or the Beatles you can bring the full spirit of music into your living room that no concert stage in the world can offer you anymore.

• Exclusive Burmester ring radiator for optimized transparency and resolution
• Advanced low-mid and mid-low driver based on the B10 compact speaker
• Several options of room adjustment using the rearward bass switch in combination with the plastic foam cylinder
• Accurate, precise bass and significantly reduced cabinet resonances due to the massive and particularly torsion-resistant aluminum-MDF sandwich front in combination with the cabinet, which has been optimized using FEM analysis
• 2½-way bass reflex speaker with an isolated enclosure chamber for the mid-low driver and an own sealed compartment for the low-mid-driver
• Re-designed, computerized spring-mass damping system decouples the speaker from the ground
• Highly complex frequency crossover in an isolated enclosure chamber 

Design Principle: 2½-way bass reflex
Weight (per piece): 34.8 kg (76.8 lbs)
Width: 204 mm (8'')
Height: 1056.3 mm (41.6'')
Depth: 395 mm (15.6'')
Power rating: 120 Watt
Sensitivity: 88 dB
(at 2.83 V / 1 m)
Impedance: 4 Ω
Frequency response: 42 - 30,000 Hz
(+/- 3 dB)
Tweeter: ring tweeter
Midrange -low-driver: 17 cm (6.7'') glass fibre cone
Low-midrange driver: 17 cm (6.7'') glass fibre cone
Crossover frequencies: 400 Hz / 2300 Hz

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