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Luxus Medio

We make serious products for communicating important ideas

Luxus Medio features a quiet running in-tube motor, mounted in an extruded, lightweight, aircraft aluminum, 6 inch roller tube. Luxus Medio can deliver images up to 16 feet 9 inches in width. Add black drop above or below the image to include deployments up to 14 feet 6 inches. A typical venue application would be an HD formatted image at 231 inch diagonal with 4 feet of black drop above the image.



The art of innovation. The trust of tradition. We’re more than just screens — we’re a group of dreamers, designers, and forward-thinkers who want to craft unbelievable viewing experiences. And with over 70 years in the projection screen industry, you're guaranteed to get a product that's designed with integrity and built to last.

Advanced, retractable screen tech in larger sizes

The Luxus Medio will furnish surprisingly large scale images in a reasonably compact case. This is a robust product, engineered to last and will serve the venue for many years.

n essential screen system serving a long-term customer base

These screens have become essentials at hotels, small auditoriums, lecture halls and houses of worship. Luxus Medio will furnish images up to 19 feet 3 inches in diagonal and up to 16 feet 9 inches in width. Choose either front or rear projection, as well as with or without perforation. Just press a button and the best in class 16K+ projection surface will appear, giving maximum utility to your space.

Both front and rear 16K+ projection fabrics are available

No one but Stewart makes their own optically immaculate 16K+ fabrics. We have been doing so for over 70 years. Trust our experience to make sure the right screen fabric is working for your venue.


Maximum image height:113"

Maximum image width:201"


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