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Moving Art Screens

Elite Moving Art Screens
Leon’s Elite is our premier moving art solution. Its patented movement silently scrolls artwork up and down, revealing and concealing the TV behind it while perfectly framing the screen. Unlike any other system made, the Elite’s art is flush to the back of the picture frame, held in place magnetically and tensioned against the frame in 4 directions. Available for both recessed and surface-mounted solutions, the Elite is custom designed and handcrafed to seamlessly integrate into any space, providing our most elegant solution for TV concealment.


Handcrafted audio, built in the USA. Our passion for perfection is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. At Leon, building a custom speaker isn’t just a matter of process; it’s a point of pride. Each of our speakers is handcrafted and custom-tailored to meet any design specification, offering a level of design flexibility unparalleled in the industry.

-Accommodates TVs up to 65”, call to price larger models
-Noise Level less than 38 dBA (silent operation)
-Patented magnetic art alignment with zero clearance between the back of the frame and the art
-Patented scrolling art movement with invisible hembar
-Exclusive Lutron Electronic Drive System
-All Aircraft Aluminum construction with baked black ceramic hardcoating
-Can be surface mounted using Elite Razor (65″ TVs or below); requires a maximum TV & TV mount depth combined of 2.875″ or less

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