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Leon’s Vault Series in-wall speakers are fully sealed and handcrafted from solid MDF to deliver uncompromising quality in both construction and performance. The reference-grade Vault vUltima speakers can be used as concealed L/C/R speakers to create high-performance home theater systems, or they can be used as rear channels to complement our Horizon™ or Profile™ Series speakers for a truly integrated sound solution.


Handcrafted audio, built in the USA. Our passion for perfection is evident in every step of the manufacturing process. At Leon, building a custom speaker isn’t just a matter of process; it’s a point of pride. Each of our speakers is handcrafted and custom-tailored to meet any design specification, offering a level of design flexibility unparalleled in the industry.


-Fully sealed and tuned enclosure constructed from 3/4″ MDF
-Timbre-matched to our Horizon HzUltima and Profile PrUltima Series speakers
-At only 3.75” deep, they fit easily into any standard wall
-Thin framed, removable magnetic grills can be custom painted in-house to match any color swatch or paint code
-Re-engineered mounting system for easy installation
-Recommended Pairings: HzUltima, PrUltima, A10-UT

COMPONENTS                                                5″ reference-grade woofers 1″ reference-grade tweeters
CUTOUT                                                             8.25″ (w) x 13.75″ (t)
OUTER DIMENSIONS                                    9.75″ (w) x 16.25″ (t)
DEPTH                                                                3.75″
WEIGHT                                                             20 lbs.
MATERIAL                                                         MDF Enclosure, perforated metal grill
FINISH                                                                Paintable grills (custom factory finish available)
GRILL                                                                  Perforated metal
FREQ. RESPONSE                                          70-22kHz
SENSITIVITY                                                    88dB@2.83V/1m
IMPEDANCE                                                    8Ω
REC. POWER                                                   75-250W
COVERAGE                                                      Hor: 140°; Vert: 110°
MAX OUTPUT                                                106 dB avg; 112 dB peak
CONNECTIONS                                             Gold-plated binding post
MOUNTING                                                    Swing out “dog-leg” system

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